Your Top 3 Questions Answered on Moving to Surrey

Your Top 3 Questions Answered on Moving to Surrey

February 10, 2021

Is Surrey a good place to live?


Surrey is a lovely place to live.  It has diversity of towns and picturesque countryside.  There is something for everyone, in every sense, whether you want a large town or a hamlet, you’re a family with children or your over 60.  It really does have it all.  


Life expectancy is significantly better than other areas of the UK which shows life is good here!


Is Surrey expensive place to live?


Surrey is not the most expensive area in the whole of the UK but also far from the cheapest!  How you look at it, does depend on your comparator.  


If you are moving from London then you will find that Surrey is cheaper in terms of house prices and insurances but then when you come to find tradespersons and some other small businesses Surrey will be more expensive.  


If you compare Surrey to the other counties on the borders, such as Sussex and Hampshire they are cheaper neighbours in terms of housing.  It may surprise you though to hear that there are some things that you will find cheaper in Surrey such as fuel.  


Is the cost of Surrey enough to put you off?  


Which part of Surrey is best?


This is definitely something that could be debated.  My personal opinion is the West of the county, but I am biased as that’s the side I live. The Times Best Places to Live in the South East 2020 appear to agree, with Farnham and Guildford being the only Surrey towns to make the list.  There is so much I love about it from Guildford being the main town to the beautiful countryside.  Guildford has so much to offer from a great range of shops, restaurants and bars. The entertainment is extensive, with something for everyone.  The surrounding countryside is beautiful, although that is like the rest of Surrey. There are great walks and cycles routes with fantastic pubs and other eateries that can be planned in en route.


It really does depend on the reason for moving to Surrey and the things that you hold dearest to you.  I would recommend really thinking about what you will want to do, go, see and have from the area that you live in.  The answer to these questions will enable you to look more deeply into the areas that offer the most for you.

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